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Jason is a Bolivian writer and comedian based in Los Angeles.       His monthly show "Cuck" regularly sells out at the UCB Theatre and is a        delight for both you and your wife's boyfriend. His prank poster project        @SaenzSigns has going viral numerous times and has been featured in                the Hollywood Reporter, Fox News and Buzzfeed. His new web-                     series "Ya Killin' Me!" is now airing it's second season on

                   Comedy  He was also a New Face at the Just For                      Laughs Festival in Montreal and recently made his TV debut                        on AXS TV's "Gotham Comedy Live". Jason has written for                           Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, MTV's                                       Ridiculousness as well as projects on Fox, MTV,,                 , Funny or Die, Above Average, Roof Top                                          Comedy, Time Out New York, HuffPo, and                                      College Humor. Jason is also a founding member of U                              UCB sketch group, Onassis, winner of the 2011                                           Friar's Club Sketch Competition and a Finalist at the                             2012 Comedy Central Pilot competition. That's about it.


                            Oh, and his pants are size 36x30.

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